Unscrewing Molds

Threads seem so simple – until you look at the details. When you look at the variance in truncation, clearance, starter thread designs, thread profiles, taper and pitch, threads become more complex. When designing replacement parts or sub-assemblies you have to meet standards, but your item also has to work with parts whose manufacture has considerable variance in the dimensions of the final product.
Use of plastic adds another level of complexity as plastic shrinks after molding and can warp as it shrinks. Roundness is critical to success, but perfectly round molds do not make round parts. Parts shrink unevenly, and the mold has to compensate. We understand our work is judged by the final parts, not the molds, and we mold parts to the correct final dimensions. In some cases we have built cooling fixtures to facilitate even shrinkage and reduce warping. Occasionally wee mold around a mandrel careful to be certain that we are not molding stress into the part.

Talk to us. Ask us how we can make something for you that consistently fits your parts. We aim to make threads simple and stress free.