Sand Casting

We have produced large parts (up to 77 pounds), short runs (less than 100 pieces) and a wide variety of smaller parts. We have sand cast aluminum, numerous aluminum alloys, bronze, brass, and gray iron.

We have the ability to make inexpensive yet durable metal patterns. In many cases these metal patterns are much less expensive than wood patterns made in the USA. We use automated equipment to mass-produce cores and, in some cases, molds for entire small parts. We prefer to die cast large runs of smaller parts because we achieve better dimensional control and fewer defects with die casting.

Sand castings are by nature not perfectly uniform, so we make on-site monitoring a key part of any sand casting project. Our staff at the plant makes sure only qualified parts are shipped.

CNC machining, turning, threading, assembly, shot blasting, sand blasting, wheel abrading, welding (when appropriate alloys are used), heat treating and painting are done in-house to maximize production speed and control. When necessary, we use independent labs to verify metallurgy and other work done by our QC staff.

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