Precision and clean room molding

In order to meet clean room standards, we have created a “building within a building” that physically separates the entire clean room production area from all other operations. Our clean room molding equipment is all electric, reducing the chances of hydraulic fluids contaminating the environment.
A special transition area allows us to prepare new molds made in our tooling shop for use in the clean area. Raw material is dried outside the clean area and fed into the machines from outside using a special gravity-driven tubing system. This system gives us the luxury of not having to bring containers of unmolded resin into the clean area. There is separate mold storage within the clean area so that there is no need to bring clean molds out of the clean area.

Our employees have extensive training and know both their role and the overall strategy and principles of the production environment. The training gives workers the ability to do their job well and to make good decisions when they encounter situations outside their training. We believe this training is critical to preventing problems that can increase costs and delay production.

Our all electric machines allow us to produce extremely precise parts. They have no hydraulic fluids that can heat and cool or hydraulic valves that can stick or vary in speed of opening and closing. Servo control of the screws allows for precise shot sizing, reducing material waste and internal stress inside the part that comes from small amounts of over-packing. Finally, our all electric machines offer faster cycle times, reducing costs and completing jobs faster.

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