Gravity casting isn’t the right process for every project, though it has many advantages over other forms of casting.

Gravity Casting has many advantages:

Low Pourosity
The ability to be heat treated for reduced internal stress and increased strength
Strong, precise ribs
High strength-to-weight ratio
Molds more precise than sand casting molds
Edges more precise and sharp than investment casting
Uniform surface finish
Parts are easily cut using CNC equipment
Slides and special cores are easily included in tool design
Complex tooling for gravity casting is much less expensive than die casting tooling

Gravity Casting is best suited to:

Small and medium production runs where building die casting tooling is cost prohibitive
Parts that require the extra strength of heat treating
Parts that are complex enough that they need a lot of attention to detail – our shop can put “love” into your jobs regardless of their size
Parts that are currently made from bar stock or blanks using CNC
Parts that currently use investment casting
Parts that currently need multiple machining operations
Sand cast parts that are currently machined with relatively large tolerances (Gravity casting may allow you to avoid machining completely)

See Flying the Flag in All Kinds of Weather for an example of how our Gravity Casting successfully helped real customers solve real problems.

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