Most of our forging work consists of brass connectors, fittings and valve bodies. These parts are forged then machined to specific dimensions. Compared to CNC-machining small parts directly from bar stock, forging and then machining allows us to make more efficient use of raw materials and thus reduce cost. We produce inexpensive tooling in-house for short runs. Large tools and tools for longer runs are produced in a specialized shop that our QC staff oversees.
For larger parts, we have machines up to 800 tons that allow us to produce specialty hand tools and some utility vehicle parts. We heat treat forged parts for tools and vehicles. We typically do not heat treat parts for valves, fittings and couplings.

We are successful because our large volume of forged parts allows us to get better prices from raw material suppliers. We leverage our volumes so that even small orders get “the royal treatment” from every part of our supply chain. Our wide experience trouble-shooting CNC equipment and documenting engineering changes ensures that every part is correct even when you are purchasing many SKU’s at the same time. Our long-term focus allows us to act as a buffer, giving our customers price stability when material markets are volatile.

See Rethinking PEX Fittings for an example of how our Forging work successfully helped real customers solve real problems.

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