The first item that Carpathian Industries ever produced was a simple die cast aluminum alloy bracket. We currently work with die castings that need several different levels of precision. For high precision products, we can achieve aerospace tolerances using vacuum die casting and five-axis CNC. However, many products do not require such extreme precision. Furthermore, price pressure can be quite strong on some parts. For simple commodity items, we can use very basic Chinese made die casting equipment and manually operated taps and drills to create a simple cost-effective part.
Our ability to use simpler equipment to produce consistent, uniform, and dependable parts has made us a prime supplier for many companies that need basic components at reasonable prices. Our team’s strong focus on process ensures that we catch problems before they cause production delays, which makes our deliveries predictable and reduces the need for large safety stocks.

Assembly, machining, welding (when appropriate alloys are used), heat treating and powder coating are done in-house to maximize production speed and control. Metallurgy is checked by independent labs to verify the work done by our QC staff. Batches of raw materials are tracked and segregated to ensure that we know exactly which batches are used in specific production runs.

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