Assembly and Integration

A flag manufacturer came to us with a problem. They were selling a kit to a major home improvement retailer, but competition had become fierce, and their margins had fallen. To improve their margins they started importing some castings from us, some aluminum tube from another supplier, and an anodized ball ornament from a third supplier.
Failure by one supplier could cause everything to go off the rails. Managing the complexity of the supply chain had become a challenge, and the company was not saving as much as it had hoped. The retailer wanted the flag to be made in America, but the retailer did not care where the kit was made.

We proposed a comprehensive solution that allowed the customer to purchase a complete kit. First we identified the flaws in the existing product. We then created a set of standards and test methods to quantify and remedy the flaws. Next we redesigned the kit’s package. The original kit was designed to be sold to flag dealers. Nobody had thought about the compactness of the package or aesthetics of the presentation. Our package redesign made the kit more compact, reducing freight costs and the amount of shelf space the product used. We also facilitated the addition of the flag into the kit. We gained an understanding of how the flag was folded and designed a pocket in the kit that fit the flag and held it in place. This pocket, coupled with a small foam holder, prevented the components from moving in transit and ensured that the kit had an attractive presentation. Finally we created an over-pack that prevented damage to the printed carton, improving the appearance of the goods on store shelves and reducing returns.

Our comprehensive solution saved the customer money, simplified their supply chain, integrated the parts they manufactured with the parts they purchased and improved the quality of their product. We reduced shelf space and transport costs, improved the product appearance and reduced returns for damaged packaging.

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